CityVille Packing Store: Everything you need to know


After logging into CityVille, you may come across something unusual. You'll automatically complete a goal called "Open Packing Store." This goal is new, and if you have more than 25 neighbors on your account, you don't have to complete any steps to finish it. In fact, you'll never be able to interact with the mission at all, except to share the news of finishing the mission with your friends on your wall (if you so choose). For those with less than 25 neighbors, but who are over level 10, you'll be able to carry over the progress of your Bookstore quest to this Packing Store quest. That is, the Bookstore quest has been removed, and this Packing Quest has been put in its place.

The mission is Zynga's interesting way of introducing a new business to the game - a Packing Store. The Packing Store can be purchased for 3,000 coins, and must be stocked with 100 Goods. You'll receive 430 coins by default every time you cash out its profit, but remember, you can increase that number greatly by surrounding this new business with decorations.

But what does this mean for those who were trying to complete the Bookstore quest to unlock access to the Bookstore in the market? Luckily, Zynga has made the Bookstore available to purchase for all users, simply by going through the game's store.

It's interesting to note that if you compare the Packing Store and the Bookstore, they come with the exact same stats, right down to the earnings you'll receiver per 100 Goods supplied. This could be why Zynga decided to make the two buildings interchangeable in the Bookstore / Packing Store quest, but I suppose we'll never really know if that as the reason. Either way, this is a fairly profitable new building, so I definitely won't turn down the opportunity to build it in my city.

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What about you? Have you already built a Packing Store in your town, or are you still working on the "new" quest associated with unlocking it? Let us know in the comments.

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