CityVille Bake the Cake / Dough Tossing Goals: Everything you need to know

Two more quests are now available in the "Sam Reports" quest line in CityVille that we first brought you news of yesterday. While the first two quests, Sam Reports and Sam n' Paul's Chat had Samantha interviewing both Ruth and Paul, the lumberjack, these missions have Samantha chatting first with Andre, the baker, and second with Lorenzo, the famed pizza maker.

The first of these two new goals is called "Bake the Cake," which is fitting since you're talking to a baker. You'll need to complete just two tasks, both of which are fairly simple, all things considered.

Collect from Bakery 5 Times
Harvest 20 Carrots

Luckily, if you have more than one Bakery, you'll be able to complete this task all that faster, but either way, you should have no problem collecting from your Bakeries while you wait the eight hours it takes carrots to grow to maturity. Your reward for completing this mission is 2 XP. Yes, a measly 2 XP, but as we've come to learn in CityVille, your main motivation for completing most quests isn't the coins or XP.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the Dough Tossing goal, which is unlocked after completing Bake the Cake.
For Dough Tossing, you'll have three tasks to complete instead of two, although you might be lucky enough to have one of these tasks completed for you automatically, depending on how many wheat collectibles you have on your account.

Collect from Italian Restaurant 5 Times
Harvest 20 Wheat
Have 2 Pasta

Pasta is the aforementioned item that you might already have, depending on how much wheat you've harvested in your game in the past. If you don't have two, you can either place the item on your wishlist in hopes that you friends have extras they can spare, or you can hope that you luck into receiving them when harvesting those 20 wheat crops - a process which takes a little more than two days. Finishing this goal rewards you with 1 Energy. Again, this isn't a very glamorous prize, but the bragging rights of saying that you've completed these two goals will likely make up for that.

As more quests are released in Sam's interviewing process, we'll be sure to let you know, so keep checking back.

What do you think of these two goals in CityVille? Have you already made your way through all four of these interview quests? Let us know in the comments.
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