Bomberman creator Hudson Soft shifts focus to social games

Sad Bomberman
Sad Bomberman

In a classic tale of "If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them," Hudson Soft announced that while it closes it North American offices on March 31 and becomes assimilated by Konami, the studio will focus entirely on social games. Gamasutra reports that the news comes after Konami purchased the ailing creators of Bomberman for a 100 percent stake. Unfortunately, the merger will result in the loss of about 40 Hudson Soft employees.

However, those employees will score severance and job placement assistance, according to Andriasang, so don't feel so bad. Starting April 1, Hudson Soft will be 100 percent Konami property in Japan with Konami digital division CEO Kazuhiko Uehara replacing Hudson Soft's current chief executive Michihiro Ishizuka.

The company already has experience on the Facebook platform with games like Castlevania Lords of Shadow Challenge and Viva Mall!, but neither were runaway success stories. Perhaps Konami looks to the remaining Hudson team to make that happen, though its experience in social is unknown.

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