12 Anti-Environmental Groups with Green Names

It's called waving a "false flag," using a green-sounding name on an anti-environmental organization. Most of these groups do (or did, many have fleeting existences) exactly the opposite of what their name implies.

If it's the "Land Conservation Coalition," it may have been born in the back room of a Washington, D.C. lobbying shop, and it doesn't actually have any members. Its mission is probably not to protect federal lands, but graze cattle and extract resources from them, with a little destructive off-roading on the side.These are all real groups, though some are now defunct:

Energy Citizens

The American Petroleum Institute has organized rallies under this name to oppose federal climate legislation. This is called "astroturfing" -- a corporate-backed effort to create the illusion of a large, grassroots force.

Institute of Cetacean Research

A group backed by the Japanese government to support the country's controversial whale hunt.

The Center for Consumer Freedom

With financial support from restaurants, bars, liquor retailers and others, the Center opposes any instance of what it calls "nanny culture," telling people what to do. To that end, it mocks smoking bans and attempts to lower the legal blood-alcohol level limit.

The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

Opposes environmental regulations, of course. It calls itself "a nationally recognized clearinghouse for methods to improve the federal regulatory process."

Citizens for the Environment

An offshoot of Citizens for a Sound Economy, it had no citizen members but was active opposing the Clean Air Act and California's "Big Green" environmental package. It promotes "market-based methods for protecting our environment."

The U.S. Council for Energy Awareness

A pro-nuke group formed in 1979 to rebuild the nuclear industry's image after Three Mile Island.

The Alliance for Environment and Resources

An offshoot of the California Forestry Association, supporting a timber-cutting agenda.

Global Climate Coalition

It represented auto companies and oil and coal producers, but eventually folded after many members dropped out over its opposition to any and all global warming legislation.

Alliance for a Responsible CFC Policy

Campaigned to slow the ultimately successful process of phasing out ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

National Wetlands Coalition

Working to protect wetlands? Nope, develop them.

Greening Earth Society

Underwritten by the Western Fuels Association, a coalition of coal-burning utilities.

Partnership for Sustainable Oceans. Among other things, this group represents charter boat captains opposed to no-take marine protected areas.

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