Will Climate Change Sour Wine Travel to Bordeaux?

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Atout France

Fans of French wine are ready to pop a cork over dour predictions that climate change could threaten Bordeaux wine production by as early as 2050.

Bordeaux, where some of the finest – and most expensive – wines in the world are produced, could be unsuitable for growing grapes by as early as 2050, the experts predict, although the jury is out on how quickly the changeover could take place.

While vintners are experimenting with less finicky grapes that can withstand rising temperatures, the eventual decline in production would not only deal a body blow to the wine industry, but also to French tourism, which has profited from a boom in wine tours in recent years.

Of course, tourism officials are quick to point out the other charms of the region, particularly of Bordeaux itself, a city that has just put the finishing touches on a massive 10-year renovation, according to Marion Fourestier, director of communications in the U.S.or Atout France, the France Tourism Development Agency.

"There are now big promenades along the river, the caves of Garonne have been redone, and the city center has been embellished," Fourestier tells AOL Travel News. "Bordeaux is one of France's top wine destinations, for sure, but the city itself is absolutely glorious."

Of course, all this is small consolation to oenophiles intent on exploring the region's wine circuit firsthand. The best advice for anyone who has been putting off that special wine tour to Bordeaux? Go while you still can.
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