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now hiring Amazon Some people may be down on Amazon for hastening the demise of the neighborhood bookshop, but you've got to love their prices, as well as the fact that they currently list about 1,900 openings at their Seattle-area headquarters. Oh yes, and if you land a gig there, then you get to bring your dog to work.

There are hundreds of positions open for software developers, recruiters, product managers, salespeople, graphic designers and supply-chain analysts at the luxurious new South Lake Union headquarters where you can wear jeans and T-shirts to work and snack on gluten-free cookies and dry-roasted edamame.

The headquarters, where doggy biscuits are handed out at the main reception desk, currently totals seven buildings with 845,000 square feet, and it's still growing. Amazon has long-term leases for 1.7 million square feet of work space, including four buildings yet to be constructed. In addition, it's taking over 460,000 square feet of office space in another Seattle area building, and will need employees to fill all that.

Reasons for the major expansion involve increased business from Amazon's purchase of shoe, apparel and clothing website; the increasing popularity of the Kindle e-reader; and the ever expanding division known as Amazon Web Services, which rents out computing power to other organizations. Worldwide, Amazon had 33,700 employees at the end of last year, having added about 9,400 jobs between 2009 and 2010.

Although Amazon is reported to have a slightly lower base salary than other tech companies like Microsoft and Google, according to the Seattle Times, they report that many new Amazon hires receive two years of bonuses and stock that vests over four years

Besides, Amazon's career motto basically rocks: "Work hard. Have Fun. Make History."

And did we mention they give away dog biscuits?

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