Mirror Ads Introduced Inside Airport Bathrooms

A series of 150 mirror ads has rolled out at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, meaning the man in the bathroom mirror could be someone trying to sell you car insurance or deodorant.

When a traveler walks into select airport bathrooms, he or she will see movie poster-style ad displays over the sinks. Some are still images, while other are high definition videos.

As a traveler walks to the sink to wash his or her hands, the full-frame ads shrink into the corner to "reveal" a mirror.

"Bathrooms are often the last places people stop before they board an airplane, and the first places they visit when they get off an airplane," Brian Reid, the founder and president of Mirrus, the company that manufactures the mirror ads, tells CNN.

Reid says sensors detect when a traveler steps in front of the mirror and track how long they stand there, but no cameras watch or record reactions to the mirror ads.

Clear Channel Airports is the marketer behind the advertising at Chicago O'Hare. Advertisers that have signed up include Pepsi, Geico, Illy coffee, Microsoft, Dove, Spanx and Zappos.com. Airports share in the ad revenues, giving them an incentive to let Clear Channel take over the mirrors.

Mirror ads are also being used in sports arenas across the country, venues where "there are only two places people are guaranteed to visit: their seat, and the bathroom," says Reid.

According to Clear Channel, market research suggests consumers remember brands advertised in mirrors at a rate of five times greater than other methods of advertising. The location of the mirror ads also allows advertisers to target gender-specific audiences.

"We've already received positive feedback from consumers through research on the network and plan to implement additional networks in high-traffic airports across the nation," says Toby J. Sturek, president of Clear Channel Airports, in a statement.

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