Harrison Ford is making a Facebook game, and it's eco-friendly

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

No, that is not a typo--Indiana Jones is making a Facebook game with Los-Angeles-based developer Talkie and Conservation International to promote the health of the environment. It's called Ecotopia, and it is a city-building game scheduled to launch this spring, according to the Hollywood Reporter. As vice chairman of Conservation International, Harrison Ford said, "I'm excited to be involved with Ecotopia because I see it as a great way to engage millions of people in our fight to protect our planet by taking action online and in our daily lives."

This game will pit players with the task of taking their initially disgusting city and turn it around through in-game missions and their friends' help. Like in most social games, you will be able to send your friends gifts and help their cities out. Environmental villains--which of course you will need to defeat--will be introduced to Ecotopia as the storyline progresses.

But here's the hook you've been waiting for: Players will be rewarded with in-game rewards for broadcasting their real-world green efforts through the game. While the rewards won't be huge, according to Talkie CEO Chris Swain, posting them along with a picture and having friends verify the contribution will result in huge paybacks. Video will be integrated as well through Ecotopia TV, which will allow players to view and create their own videos relevant to Conservation International's efforts.