Rumor: FrontierVille Oregon Trail expansion will open soon

The Oregon Trail
Websites like FrontierVille Info are speculating that, based on recent events, the Oregon Trail expansion in FrontierVille will open its gates by the end of Mach. One of the four areas that have been "Coming Soon" since the game's launch, FrontierVille Info believes The Oregon Trail will open this month because of hints made in its teaser message and recent Goals released in the game. For instance, the teaser mentions medicine, and it's been just a few weeks since the Doctor's Office opened with Goals.

Medical SuppliesCompleting the Collection associated with the Doctor's Office grants an item called "Medical Supplies," (pictured right) which is unusable at the moment. According to FrontierVille Info, hovering over the currently useless item in your inventory will cause this message to appear: "You'll need these when you head out to open up other frontiers!"

Finally, because we already have ammo and food in the game--what the teaser for Oregon Trail calls for--all we need is for friends to send us Wagon Axles in a Goal and we'll be Oregon-bound. While it's true that the dots are starting to connect, this is all wild speculation and should be treated as such. But wild guesswork never hurt anybody, right?

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

What do you think of these potential hints toward the Oregon Trail expansion? If correct, when do you think the new territory will open up? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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