FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: Growing cacti on the homestead

Cacti Border
The FrontierVille forums are in somewhat of a fluster over the next big Goals in FrontierVille: the 37x37 Land Expansion Goals. Land expansions have always been more challenging than other tasks, but just look at the reward. However, players are particularly perturbed by a single requirement within a single Goal (in a series of five): Clear 10 Cacti. As it turns out, it is not impossible.

However, there is a bit luck involved with a dash of finesse. According to several players on the forums and sources like Pioneer Party, the more useful debris grows toward the south of your homestead while things like Thorns and Grass pop up in the north. Take that vital piece of information and run with it. Create a small portion--maybe 10 spaces around--in the south most corner of your homestead that will act as a sort of debris farm. Then, clear out all the unwanted debris to increase the chances of Cacti to appear over time.

Cacti Farm
To make better use of space, some players even create a small buffer of empty land lining the southwest and southeast ends of their homesteads. Because debris normally grows from the outside in, but doesn't grow within two squares of buildings or crops, this will cause debris to grow in a controlled environment. So, create a two-space buffer zone between the outermost borders of your homestead and whatever you might place there. Within a few days, debris should appear, namely Cacti. Try either of these methods and you should see more Cacti on your homestead than you might have hoped for.

[Image Credits: AndreaEvans and Pioneer Party]

Have you tried either of these methods to grow Cacti? What alternative method have you used to control debris growth? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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