Free Kindle Cookbook With Crock Pot Recipes

Kindle cookbook cover
Kindle cookbook cover

Get a free Kindle cookbook that has 25 recipes for your slow cooker from Circle of Friends. Amazon does not allow you to peek inside the book and look at the table of contents, unfortunately, but a description of the book says it includes recipes for chili rellenos, shredded chicken sandwiches, country corn pudding, and triple chocolate cake. No idea how you make a cake in a Crock Pot!

This free cookbook was published just last month, in February 2011. It is ranked No. 7 in the free Kindle store. Of the 12 reviews Circle of Friends has received, it averages 3.5 stars. If I had a Kindle, I would certainly download it. What have you got to lose?

Also checkout Amazon's new Kindle lending library.

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