FarmVille Mystery Game (3/6/2011): Spring-themed items clear away the snow


While the FarmVille store may have been packed full with Mardi Gras themed items in tonight's game update, there is one area that is entirely different - that being this week's Mystery Game. This week, we clear away the cold chill of winter for a set of new Spring-themed items, including the Yellow Unicorn we brought you a sneak peek of previously.

This week's Mystery Game luckily returns us to the "normal" price tag of 16 Farm Cash per single dart thrown at the board. For that price, you'll have a chance to land one of the following six items:

Butterfly Fountain
Fawn Deer
Baby Alpaca
White Kitten
Yellow Unicorn

You'll likely also recognize the Fawn and Baby Alpaca from previous posts here on - The Blog!, so it's great to see these items officially find a place in the game, even if it is without a guarantee that you'll actually end up with them if you want them. Still, any of these items would make a great addition to your farm, so I don't think the disappointment will last.

As usual, you have a week to try and earn all six of these items in your game, as next Sunday the game's items will rotate, and these six will no longer be available, and likely won't be available again for some time, if ever.

Which of these six items are you most hoping to win from this week's Mystery Game? Would you pay a flat price for any of these items if they were released in the market, or do you like that Zynga makes a game of it? Let us know in the comments.

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