FarmVille Mardi Gras Animals: Carnival Horse, Carnival Foal, and Carnival Pig


A trio of new Mardi Gras themed animals were released as part of tonight's FarmVille update, with two of these being available in the game's store. These two animals are the Carnival Horse and the Carnival Pig, both of which are unfortunately only available for Farm Cash.

First, the Carnival Pig costs 18 Farm Cash, and can be harvested from once every two days. You'll gain 1800 experience points for purchasing it. Meanwhile, the Carnival Horse costs more at 26 Farm Cash. You'll gain 2600 experience points for spending more on the horse, which can be harvested every three days; that is, unless you place it inside the Horse Stable, where it can be harvested once daily. This is also the way to create the third animal in the game - the Carnival Foal - as you'll have a chance of breeding a foal when you have the Horse and a Stallion in your Horse Stable.

Remember though - as exciting as it might be to breed this horse to create a foal will only be sharable to your friends, and you won't actually get to keep one of your own. To have a Carnival Foal on your own land, you'll need to look out for wall posts from friends that have bred their own horses and received one at random.

Both the Carnival Horse and Carnival Pig will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks, while of course the Carnival Foal will continue to be available for long after.

Which of these two animals is your favorite? Do you think either is worth the high Farm Cash price? Let us know in the comments.