FarmVille Duck Pond Expansion: Everything you need to know (again)

While Zynga released Duck Pond expansions in FarmVille at the very beginning of March, the feature (like so many others upon release) was stricken with bugs; however, these bugs were so bad that Zynga decided to remove the ability to expand from the game altogether, and has only started to slowly "re-roll" it back out to users this afternoon.

If you didn't expand your Duck Pond the first time it was available (very few were able to either due to the glitches or simply its short lifespan in the game), now's your chance. Your Duck Pond can be expanded twice, each time adding ten spots of storage - that's a total of 40 Ducks when all is said and done. As with the initial construction of the Duck Pond, as this item doesn't require the "traditional" building materials - those being Wooden Boards, Bricks - you'll instead have to gather up Watering Cans and Shovels to expand the Duck Pond.

Meet us behind the break for more details on this (apparently now working) feature.
Luckily, this is a case where we know exactly what each expansion will require, regardless of whether or not you actually have the Duck Pond Expansion update active on your farm (yet) or not. Each expansion requires the same materials - 20 each of Watering Cans and Shovels. That's 40 items total and, again, you'll gain 10 extra spots of storage each time you expand, to the maximum of 40 ducks. Once you complete the expansions, you'll be able to share some extra building materials with your friends.

As usual, there are a number of different ways to acquire Watering Cans and Shovels in your game. Here's a short recap:
  • Click on the "Ask for Help" button and ask your friends to send you these items
  • Purchase these items with Farm Cash for 1 Farm Cash per one individual ingredient
  • Look out for those free Shovels and Watering Cans being shared by your friends on the news feed
  • Have your friends send you these items via the Free Gifts page
  • Each both of these parts by opening up Special Delivery Boxes
  • Collect Watering Cans when harvesting Orchards that don't produce Mystery Seedlings
While the Duck Pond will not change in size or shape (or really change at all visually), your probability of receiving a Duckling when you collect from the Pond will increase, depending on the number of additional Ducks you add to it. This makes sense by the simple fact that there are more ducks that could potentially give off a Duckling each day. Of course, Ducklings have become more than readily available since the initial release of the Duck Pond, so this may not be a factor in helping you to decide whether or not to expand - we'd imagine clearing up your land would be though. At least it is for me.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Have you received the Duck Pond expansion? Did you expand in the past only to run into problems? Let us know in the comments.
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