FarmVille: Clover Chickens appearing in Golden Mystery Eggs


If you've been saving up FarmVille's Golden Mystery Eggs as you simply don't need another Golden Chicken in your coop (or if you've been avoiding claiming the mystery eggs from your friends altogether), you will be happy to know that a new prize has now started appearing when users open up their Golden Mystery Eggs. FarmVille Feed has the scoop on how you can now receive a Clover Chicken (part of the game's St. Patrick's Day item theme) from a Golden Mystery Egg.

Of course, this is entirely random, and there's no guarantee that you'll actually receive a Clover Chicken as opposed to another prize, but the chance of receiving a free Clover Chicken is always better than having to spend 50 Gold to receive a Clover Chicken in the new Pot of Gold feature, right?

It's great to see Zynga adding new rewards to at least one Mystery Egg, which had gone a bit stale, in my humble opinion. Let us know if you receive any other new rewards when you open eggs in the future!

[Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

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