FarmVille: Black Beauty Horse renamed to "Black Gypsy Horse"

No, you're not seeing things. If you browse through the FarmVille marketplace looking for the Black Beauty Horse which was released at the end of February in the Fairy Time limited edition item theme, you'll notice that the Black Beauty Horse has been renamed to the Black Gypsy Horse.

The same goes for all Black Beauty Horses that were purchased from the store - they have all been automatically renamed as well. The reasoning behind the change is anyone's guess. It could have been a copyright issue (Black Beauty is the name of both a novel and a film), or it could have simply been due to the fact that the Black Beauty Horse was nothing but a Black Gypsy Horse with a fancier name, and Zynga decided to change it to fit with the other Gypsy Horses that have been released in the past.

Whatever the reason, rest assured that the stats of this horse remain unchanged - it's "harvestable" once every three days, and you'll receive 2600 experience points for purchasing it, if you have yet to do so. The Black Gypsy Horse will be available to purchase in the market for the next 6 days.

Has the name change on the Black Beauty Horse changed your feelings about the animal? Do you think players should receive their Farm Cash in a refund if they purchased the horse due to being a fan of either the book or film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.