CityVille Sam Reports / Sam n' Paul's Chat Quests: Everything you need to know


Zynga has released a new quest series to CityVille surrounding Samantha, and her quest to interview the main characters in the game. To unlock this quest line in your game, you will have needed to complete the Dr. Sheperd and Louise romance quest line, ending with the quest called "Even More L'Amour," which sees you sending the couple to Paris. The first two quests in this new series are called Sam Reports and Sam n' Paul's Chat. Sam Reports is a quest about Ruth, but it may not seem like that directly. You'll be charged with making Ruth's museum exhibit one to behold. There are three tasks required to complete it:

Have a Museum
Collect from Community Buildings 5 Times
Place 1 Pink Flowers

The Pink Flowers is the prize you'll receive for turning into the Forever Young Collection, which is completed by collecting from the Cosmetics Store. Meanwhile, most of you likely already have a Museum by this point, so this step should be completed for you. Once you complete this quest, you'll receive 200 coins.

Once you finish this quest for Ruth, you'll move onto a quest called Sam n' Paul's Chat. Meet us behind the break for all of the details about that quest. and how to complete it.