A&E, Majesco back Parking Wars 2 into Facebook this May

Parking Wars 2
It's time to take the worst part of the driving test all over again. A&E and Majesco announced today that the TV network and games publisher are creating a sequel to Parking Wars for Facebook, inspired by the program of the same name. Again, the game will be developed by Area/Code, but this will likely be its last independent game given its new role as Zynga New York, VentureBeat reports.

The game will be aptly titled Parking Wars 2, and players will have to park on streets and feed meters. However, friends can sabotage the parking experience by writing parking tickets and throwing bricks through car windows. Of course, the game will feature virtual goods for purchase with Facebook Credits, according to VentureBeat.

"As Facebook becomes more mature, we are making it part of our strategy," Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton said about the company's growing interest in Facebook. "Our focus will be on brands, brands, brands" for casual audiences such as boys, girls, families and adult women."

N.J.-based-Majesco is already familiar with Facebook as it recently launched its flagship Cooking Mama series on the platform. But while the franchise has made the company crazy money on the Nintendo DS, it is suffering on Facebook with just over 700 thousand monthly players, according to AppData. Now, we know that Majesco can put out an impressive game on Facebook, but marketing it and attracting players is a different beast entirely.

[Image Credit: VentureBeat]

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