Zynga's RewardVille Now Available: Everything you need to know

Yesterday, we told you there was a way to force RewardVille to spawn on your Facebook account, but what if you didn't have any friends that had posted a link to their prizes that would allow you to join Zynga's rewards program? FarmVillePro has discovered that there is a single, universal, link that you can click on the activate the program on your account, and we can confirm that it does indeed work.

Want the magical link? Here it is! CLICK ME TO GET REWARDVILLE

Note: As of this writing, this link does work to activate RewardVille on your account, but as it appears to be universal, there is a chance that Zynga may shut it off if too many people use it. We apologize if that happens to be the case when you try it, but as you can see from my screenshots - it is legit.

You'll have to connect your Facebook account to RewardVille, and then "install" RewardVille (the toolbar portion you'll see above all Zynga games from here on in) on your account by accepting its terms, just as you would install any other Facebook app. That out of the way, you'll now have access to the entire program, including the ability to earn zCoins, redeem them for prizes across all of Zynga's major games (FarmVille, CityVille, Zynga Poker, FrontierVille, Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Treasure Isle, YoVille, PetVille and Vampire Wars), and send your friends free RewardVille gifts every day, among other features.

Meet us behind the break for a look on what to expect after you join.If you play FarmVille, the first thing you should do after activating RewardVille would be to claim your free Porch Home item. Simply click on the "Get It" button underneath any prize that you like, and if you have the zCoins necessary, they will be traded in for that item. In the case of the Porch Home, however, this is a free prize, so you really have no reason not to claim it. In fact, there is a free item for each and every one of the games in the rewards program, so make sure to claim the free items in all of the games you play.

How do you earn more zCoins? It's simple really - you can earn a maximum of 80 zPoints per game per day, up to your first 300 zPoints earned across all Zynga games each day. You'll earn zPoints simply by playing Zynga games as you would normally. As an example, as you play games like FarmVille, as you harvest, plow and plant new crops, you'll see the XP meter (representing your RewardVille level) increasing automatically. Once you level up your overall RewardVille level, you'll earn zCoins. Right now, it appears that only activities in games that earn you XP count towards earning zPoints, but we'll make sure to let you know if that changes. Either way, you'll know you've earned zPoints and zCoins when you see notices like these, that appear automatically at the top of your gameplay area.

As you browse through RewardVille's website, you'll notice that some items in games are locked to you currently. Just like purchasing items in many in-game stores, some items in RewardVille are locked to you until you have earned a certain level. If there has ever been incentive to play Zynga games more often, the promise of free exclusive, even limited edition prizes, will probably be it. In the case of FarmVille, as one example, you'll even notice items like the Giant Snowflake or Mandarin Tree that were available in the game in the past, but are no longer - if you missed out on these limited edition items the first time, you now have a chance to earn them again for free. We can't complain about that.

One final thing to note is the ability to send your friends free, exclusive RewardVille mystery gifts from the RewardVille website. These mystery boxes can contain up to 100 zCoins each, or "other bonuses" that will help them earn free items in the program.

And there you have it - a fairly simple setup, once you browse around for a bit and become used to the new terminology, and how the bar looks above your gameplay area. Be sure to play Zynga games often to earn the most zCoins, and then remember to turn them in for prizes that may only be available for a limited time. The bragging rights will almost certainly be worth it.

Have you activated RewardVille on your account? What do you think of the prizes that are available in each game? Let us know in the comments.

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