FarmVille English Countryside: Make Cheese in the Dairy with Lily


Check the edge of your farm in FarmVille this weekend, and you'll see another British plane dropping off mail from the English Countryside, this time from a character named Lily. Lily makes different types of cheeses in her Dairy, and could "definitely use your help." This of course means that in addition to all of the other activities we'll be able to participate in (mastering new crops, breeding multi-colored sheep, digging for treasures, and so on), cheese-making will be another.

As usual, with these special postcards comes a free in-game prize, with this prize being fairly basic - a single Farmhands that can be used on your farm to harvest all ready animals with one click. It seems these items have become a bit more rare than their Arborists counterparts, so I suppose a free one isn't entirely disappointing.

We learned that Zynga is putting the final touches on this expansion in the latest official FarmVille podcast, so keep checking back for all of the details once it officially launches in-game soon.

What do you think of the idea of making your own cheese in the English Countryside? Let us know in the comments.