RewardVille (still) slowly rolling out - look out for news posts to receive it!


We've seen some huge news this morning - there is now a way to force RewardVille to load onto your Facebook account without waiting for Zynga to slowly (very slowly) roll it out across all of their game players. FVNation has come across posts such as the one above, showing users who are redeeming their ZPoints for a new item - the Porch Home in FarmVille.

If you see any post like this, make sure to click on the "Get Reward" link. If you're fast enough, and maybe just a bit lucky, you will be taken to a page telling you that your reward is waiting. Through this, you'll be able to use Facebook Connect to connect your Facebook account with your new RewardVille account, where you can claim the prize above, and start using the feature to its fullest across Zynga's network of games.

You'll be able to earn a maximum of 80 points per day per game, with a maximum of 300 points per day for the entire Zynga catalog. Of course, you'll need to be lucky enough to have a friend that has received RewardVille either through this method, or through actually being given it by Zynga, which is probably the hardest part of all. Still, the possibilities for receiving RewardVille have just increased, so for now we can't really argue with that.

[Image Credit: FV Nation]

Have you seen any posts like the one above on your news feed, but didn't know what they were? Let us know if you've received RewardVille in the comments. What do you think of the service?

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