Pork: No Longer 'The Other White Meat'?

Pork No Longer The Other White Meat After more than two decades of being known as "The Other White Meat," the old pork motto is headed for the proverbial smokehouse. The National Pork Board unveiled a new slogan -- "Pork: Be Inspired" -- and a new $11 million ad campaign that will launch this spring.

At G. Esposito & Sons Pork Store in Brooklyn, folks embraced pork's new slogan whole hog. "There's a lot of things to be inspired about," co-owner George Esposito told WalletPop after the National Pork Board made the announcement.

No one at the shop seemed sad to see "The Other White Meat" go. Good riddance, a customer squealed. 'The Other White Meat' is comparing it to chicken, right?" said Gabriel Biderman. "I'm glad to see pork have its own."The new campaign will launch in March and April with print, TV and social media ads. But no further details were released.

A Pork Board representative told the Associated Press that the industry hoped to increase pork consumption 10% by 2014, mostly by appealing to those who are pork devotees already. Americans eat an average of 50 pounds per year, compared to 80 pounds of chicken and 61 pounds of beef, the AP said. But 28% of pork eaters eat 70% of the 31 billion pounds of pork produced annually. "We want to move that needle, go after that core group of consumers," Pork Board spokeswoman Ceci Snyder told the wire service.

If you Google "Pork: The Other White Meat," it's supposed to direct you to the new campaign when the marketing push starts, according to reports. "The Other White Meat" will enjoy an afterlife mainly as a Pork Board educational tool, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Reports indicate that the old motto just wasn't bringing home the bacon. Folks on average ate 2.2 pounds less pork in 2010, the Journal said, adding that some chicken companies capitalized on the assocation between pigs and the swine flu epidemic.

If pork needs its consumer base to "Be Inspired," it can count on disciples such as Esposito customer Angela Calicchio. "I love pork," she said.
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