Official FarmVille Podcast (03/04/2011): Spring Garden revealed, no additional Pot of Gold prizes coming

In this week's installment of the Official FarmVille podcast, we saw the return of Community Manager Lexilicious as our host. Lexi was on-hand to give us a rundown of the St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold event, and has confirmed that the Pot of Gold is now available for all players. If you were one of the players that received it later, make sure to check out our complete guide to the prizes inside. Lexi also let us know that there will not be a second page of prizes in the Pot of Gold, as there have been for the past couple of collection events - "That's pretty much it." While "pretty much" does leave some room for additional items, I wouldn't get your hopes up too far for anymore items being released for Gold.

As for news of future releases, we were given a sneak peek of something called the Spring Garden, which will show up "in the near future." The Spring Garden will be apparently be an elaborate decorative item that must be constructed with the help of friends. It sounds as though this item will be the Leprechaun's Cottage or Cupid's Castle of the upcoming Easter event, as we're told that you'll be able to collect eggs and flowers from the garden that can be redeemed for special prizes at a later time.

Additionally, a Spring Countdown will be starting soon, and will be accompanied by the release of new Mardi Gras items, as well as re-releases of Mardi Gras items that were made available in the theme last year. We're pretty sure that we know what most (or at least some) of these new Mardi Gras items are, as we've brought you multiple Sneak Peeks on the subject just this week. Make sure to check those out for a full look at what we expect to be available.

As usual, if you missed the podcast, which contained a full rundown of recent events in the game, you can check it out in full at the top of this post.

Which of these updates are you most excited about? The Spring Garden? Mardi Gras items? Spring Countdown? Let us know in the comments.