FarmVille iOS update brings quicker load times, bug fixes, and access for 3G players


When browsing through my App Updates on my iPhone this morning, I came across something that almost knocked me out of my chair - Zynga has updated their mobile version of FarmVille on iOS to Version 2.0. We brought up the topic of mobile FarmVille updates back in February, as it hadn't been updated since October. It may have taken a long time to get around to this update, but it seems as though it was definitely worth it.

Via the update description, we see that Zynga has increased the speed of loading the game by 30-50%, which, of course, still varies depending on the size and complexity of your farm. If you have a 3G iPhone or even an older device, you'll also be able to load larger farms with ease. There have also apparently been "tons of optimizations and bug fixes." We can confirm that, for now anyway, these changes have taken effect, as I was able to load my massive farm in no time flat, when I couldn't even load the game at all without it crashing before the update.

You can drag your finger across the screen to see your farm follow you in mostly real time, and even animals animate - it's the FarmVille Mobile that should have been available all along, but hey, we'll take an update now, rather than never.

In terms of mobile FarmVille features, Zynga has made a change there too, offering you the ability to now send gifts to any FarmVille neighbor, rather than limiting your gifting to other players on iOS.

Zynga says they are already hard at work on another update for the game, and that they have truly taken everything players have said to heart. For now, it appears as though that definitely is the case, and we couldn't be happier.

Have you tried the newly updated FarmVille on iOS? What do you think of all of the changes Zynga has rolled out? Let us know in the comments.

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