Zombie Lane: Battle the shuffling undead masses on Facebook

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If there's one undead creature that always seems to be en vogue, it has to be the slow, but persistent zombie. These slack-jawed, shuffle-footed flesh eaters lost out to vampires briefly during 'Twilight' mania, but quickly took the spotlight back after AMC's excellent 'Walking Dead' series held audiences captive in Fall 2010.

So the idea that Digital Chocolate, the company responsible for Millionaire City on Facebook, will be bringing a zombie game to Facebook should be at exciting as running across a munitions stockpile during an undead apocalypse. In theory, at least.

Zombie Lane, according to the Facebook fan page, starts with creating an avatar that will take up arms (whether it be a shovel, shotgun, or super weapons crafted from collected materials) and keep your virtual neighborhood zombie free. As you whack zombies left and right, you'll be rewarded with items and achievements and you'll be able to call on friends to help you keep the undead scourge at bay. You will also be able to visit neighbors' homesteads and gift each other coins and other virtual gifts.

Zombie Lane on Facebook
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Zombie Lane: Battle the shuffling undead masses on Facebook

While you might expect a big gore-fest from a zombie game -- don't. If you take a look at the brand new screenshots from the game above, you'll see that everything is colorful, cartoony and sans bloodshed, clearly designed to appeal to the more 'casual' Facebook gaming crowd.

Zombie Lane has not officially launched yet (though if you go to to the Zombie Lane game page, you can sign up to be notified when it launches), but when it does, I'll be curious to see if Facebook gamers, largely dominated by FarmVille and CityVille devotees, will have an appetite for zombie destruction. Stay tuned.

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