Now Hiring: Hewlett-Packard Looking for Thousands

Now Hiring Hewlett-Packard Further proving that if you're a good software engineer, you can write your own ticket, Palo Alto, California-based tech firm Hewlett-Packard (HP) was advertising 2,383 openings at last count, with openings for software developers, testers, designers, business operations specialists, strategic development managers and engineers, among other positions.

The company has been around since before high-tech and dot-coms even existed, and has come a long way since classmates Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard built an audio oscillator in a garage. Now the company they founded employs about 320,000 people worldwide. The company is divided into three groups, with specialized job openings in each:

Personal Systems Group: Sharing 140 billion digital pictures, enabling 70 percent of the world's text messages, powering 106 of the world's 120 stock exchanges -- these are just a few of the duties of this group, whether it's through business and consumer PCs, high-performance workstations, handheld devices, digital entertainment solutions, personal storage or Internet services.

Imaging and Printing Group:Printing has evolved beyond printers. The HP Imaging and Printing Group deals with printing in the home, as well as in office and commercial settings. They work with printing supplies, digital photography, graphics, and imaging technologies.

HP Enterprise Business:In their efforts to take complex technology and make it easy to use in the daily lives of people everywhere, this group develops servers, storage, and software. The team's goal is to help customers get the most from IT.

Hewlett-Packard also prides itself in being green, and keeping its carbon footprint as small as possible. Product designers are encouraged to come up with ways to reduce HP's energy and materials consumption and invent products that are easier to recycle; they have tips, tools and programs for employees interested in the green movement, and they encourage employees to give back to their communities by facilitating the donation of thousands of hours to social programs and community initiatives. HP also has job openings related to their environmental sustainability initiatives.

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