FrontierVille: Syringe now available as a free gift


With the release of the Doctor's Office in FrontierVille, many players were left at a standstill as to how to go about earning a Syringe to complete one of the accompanying missions. It's not that the physical acts in the game were difficult to complete (you'd earn a Syringe, supposedly, through collecting the Doctor's Office daily bonus or whacking its frame during construction), but actually getting a Syringe to appear in-game seemed downright impossible.

We brought you a detailed tips and tricks guide on how to try and force a Syringe to load in your game, but Zynga has gone a step further, answering user complaints once and for all by doing what was previously unthinkable - they have added the Syringe to the free gifts page.

By this point, you've likely already received a Syringe through some other method (a friend gifting an extra via your wishlist, or simply receiving it in what appears to be a more frequent drop rate as a Daily Bonus), but if you're still struggling, your virtual prayers have been answered. Simply let your friends know that you still need a Syringe, and you'll likely receive half a dozen or more from its new appearance on the free gifts page. Now why can't receiving all items be as easy as sending a free gift?

Were you still looking for a Syringe in FrontierVille, or have you now been swamped with unneeded Syringes by well-meaning friends? Let us know in the comments.