FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: Upgrade the Chicken Coop in a flash

Chicken Coop
The coyotes are coming to FrontierVille. If you don't have your Chicken Coop ready and upgraded by then, you may as well kiss those chickens goodbye. Luckily, a forum contributor named King of Skulls has thought up a crafty trick to upgrade that coop as quickly as possible. First, make sure you have no unfinished buildings aside from the Chicken Coop and meet us behind the break.

Be warned that this tip is for veteran pioneers with lots of resources only. Now that you have no buildings to worry about, purchase a Saw Mill. Plant it on the ground and give it those 40 whacks. Whatever you do, do not finish the Saw Mill by turning in those items. Instead, gather as many Care Packages as you can by either giving them out as Free Gifts or asking your friends for them. Once you've acquired a good amount of them, open them all up.

Because the Saw Mill and Chicken Coop require much of the same items to complete and upgrade, you will only receive exactly what you need for the Chicken Coop. Players have reported getting nearly every item needed instantly. However, you will still have to grab the elusive Chicken Wire by asking friends or sending one out. Now, wasn't that simple (but expensive)?

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