Conan O'Brien plays Angry Birds life-sized, sticks it to the Swedes


If you needed any more confirmation that Angry Birds is huge, Coco's involvement should do the trick. Conan O'Brien played a life-sized version of Rovio's pig-smashing sensation on his TBS show last night. The stunt was to commemorate that his show is now available online for one week. Finally, Finland, his greatest group of foreign fans, can enjoy that red tuft of hair whenever they darn well please. "We have decided to honor tonight Finland's greatest contribution to mankind," Conan said last night. "I'm talking of course about the videogame, Angry Birds." As an extra bonus, Conan helped the Finns get a one-up over their lifelong rivals, the Swedes, by using Ikea furniture as the pigs' stronghold. The results are nothing short of hilarious.

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