CityVille: Sale on Winter Decorations - get them before they're gone

If you didn't take advantage of the many shopping opportunities presented to you in CityVille this past Holiday season, Zynga is giving you one final chance to stock up on those decorations before they leave the store (for good), and to help sweeten the deal, they've discounted the prices on all items - most to 50% off the original price.

Both premium and standard items are part of this sale, so you can also pick up a load of themed decorations for cheaper City Cash prices than you would have found upon their initial release. Items like the Bunny Slope and Sled Hill, which used to cost 45 and 30 City Cash (respectively), now go for 23 and 15 City Cash each.

Basic, non-animated decorations are also a part of this sale, including the Holiday Tree Lot, Giraffe Ice Sculpture, Snow Angel, and even the Penguin animal. While the Kids Building Snowman item is still a bit of a splurge, at 10,000 coins, this is a 50% reduction of its original price of 20,000 coins. And that's just one example of all of the coins that can be saved here - but only for a limited time.

Remember, with the addition of storage (no matter how limited) to CityVille, you could always purchase these items and store them away until next year, when you can enjoy them even more when thinking about how little you paid.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Do you plan on taking advantage of this sale to pick up reduced price items, or did you purchase all of these items back when they were full price? Do you think it's fair for Zynga to offer these items for cheaper now, rather than requiring everyone pay the same price or simply miss out? Let us know in the comments.