CityVille Franchises getting a (much needed) update, Zynga says

CityVille Franchises
CityVille Franchises

Ask and you shall receive. Remember when we ranted a little bit over how CityVille Franchises need an update? Well, Zynga just posted this message on the CityVille Twitter feed: "Keep your eye out for new changes coming soon to help you grow your franchises. Stay tuned!" Vague, yes, but filling us up with wild hopes and dreams nonetheless. Could Zynga be granting us the enhanced control we desire? Will Franchises receive extra income for supplying with Premium Goods? Who knows, but you better bet we'll be all over it when the change comes.

What do you think Zynga is referring to specifically about Franchises? What else about Franchises do you think needs fixing? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.