Is Jennifer Aniston's Home Worth $42 Million?

jennifer aniston
jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston just listed her eco-friendly Beverly Hills, Calif., bachelorette pad for a whopping $42 million. The 10,000-square-foot home, with stunning 180-degree views of Los Angeles, was designed by mid-century architect Hal Levitt and last year featured in Architectural Digest after Aniston gave it an eco-friendly overhaul including solar panels.

But at just one acre, is it worth the steep price?

Beverly Hills Realtor Chad Rogers
, former star of Million Dollar Listing, doesn't think so.

"It's my professional opinion that the property is not worth $42 million in the current market," he says, adding that a comparable neighboring property sold a few months ago for $13 million (at $2,680 per square foot).

Aniston's home is priced at $4,200 per square foot.

The large price tag no doubt reflects the amount Aniston put into the renovation. A Beverly Hills insider reports that Aniston was rumored to have dropped quite a bit of cash on upgrades, including a sophistocated security system, including a paparazzi-proof fence.