Cafe World St. Patrick's Day Goals: Everything you need to know


In honor of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday, Zynga has launched a massive, nine-part mission series in Cafe World set around new St. Patrick's Day decorations, general party "happenings," and a series of new St. Patrick's Day recipes, which can only be unlocked by completing these goals. This series of goals deals with a new character in the game - Peter O'Brien - who is homesick for Ireland. It's up to you to help bring the spirit of St. Patrick's Day to your cafe and cheer this poor fella up.

Let's jump right in, shall we? Part I is called Peter's Irish Wish, and it asks you to complete some fairly simple tasks, as a sort of preparation for what's ahead. These tasks are so simple, in fact, that most players will likely have two of the three completed even before they begin.

Unlock Coffee Machine Crate
Place the Drink Bar
Place the Leprechaun Fountain

The Leprechaun Fountain is a new mission-based item just like the Love Meter from the Valentine's Day event. As you complete the St. Patrick's Day missions, the fountain will be built automatically in stages, and you'll only see the final product upon completing the entire goal series. Your reward for finishing this first mission is a new recipe - Irish Stew. Irish Stew costs 1500 coins and takes 8 hours to cook. You'll receive 850 coins that can be sold for 5 coins each, giving you a return of 4,250 coins.