AOL Joins White House to Support Military Families

Starting this month, first lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden are launching a major initiative calling on all Americans to support our military families, and in collaboration, AOL is sponsoring a special event the first week of April.

The goal of this event is to bring awareness to the challenges military families face, including transitioning to civilian employment, education, and well-being.

"We can do this," said Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. "In every community, every day, we can find concrete ways to show our military families the respect and gratitude that each of us holds for them in our hearts. They deserve our support long after the welcome home ceremonies are over. You don't have to come from a military family, have a base in your community, or be an expert in military issues to make a difference. Every American can do something."

During the first week of April, AOL Jobs will be running special features on how we can all help support military families, and how they can better support themselves -- whether it involves transitioning from military life to the private sector, finding a job while your spouse is deployed, accessing educational grants and job training, and much, much more.

We'd also like to share your stories. If any of the topics below pertain to you, click on the link to get more information and submit your story. We'll select our favorites to share with all our AOL readers.

-- I Went Back to School After Serving in the Military

-- Living the Military Family Life

-- Successful Military Spouses: How My Job Held Up the Home Front

-- How I Made My Military to Civilian Transition

-- My Unemployed Life: Still Unemployed After Leaving the Military

Also, we'll be giving our famous "Military Makeovers" to four service people in the Southern California area. If you know of someone of any age, male or female, who would like to sharpen their image for a career transition from military to civilian, or perhaps to welcome home a returning military spouse, we'd love to help. Please send us a picture, in uniform if it's available, and an e-mail telling us the story. You can send us an e-mail here.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for serving.

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