Yoshi Blade Review: A Lot of Slice, Not Much Dice

The Product: Yoshi Blade
The Price: Online offer $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling
The Claims: Guaranteed to stay sharp
Buy-O-Meter Rating: 4 out of 5

Yoshi Blade is a super-sharp enamel knife that claims to replace any metal knife in your drawer.

If you've never used an enamel knife, it's easy to underestimate its power. It's quite sharp and easily slices many foods -- and a few fingers.
yoshi blade as seen on tv review
I like the way Yoshi slices lemons and apples; tomatoes and potatoes. I even tested its precision on grapes, which it sliced beautifully.

I was surprised how easily the knife cut through a rib roast -- stick to the roast part, because the rib could nick the blade. And it shaved chicken off the bone, though it's not really a boning knife.

Slicing is the knife's forte, while dicing is a bit ... dicey.

When holding celery or onions, I found my fingers getting too close for comfort to the blade, something that rarely happens with my 8-inch chopping knife.

And although the Yoshi slices tomatoes beautifully, I don't like the way it chops them. The cut isn't clean and the tomatoes seem wounded, not a good look for salsa.

The Yoshi sliced soft bread without flattening the loaf, but using a serrated knife is still easier.

I've been chopping with the same set of steel knives since shoulder pads were in fashion. When the blades get a little dull, I give a few swipes along a sharpening rod, and they're good to go.

Will the Yoshi Blade last that long? Some cooks complain that the enamel blade nicks within a few months. But at around $30 (including shipping and handling), the Yoshi Blade doesn't have to last forever -- just as long as Pajama Jeans stay in fashion.

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