Wishful Features: CityVille Franchises need more control

Franchises empty
Franchises empty

Ever launched a Franchise in a friend's CityVille town only to have it produce nothing? Maybe the player quit the game without deleting it. Perhaps he just doesn't care about your Franchise. Worse even, have you had a friend launch a franchise in your own city, only for him to never supply it?

The only control we have over Franchises at the moment is preventing them from establishing in our own cities, and removing them once they're created. To delete one of our own Franchises from a friend's city, we need to ask that friend to delete it themselves. What if that friend quit playing the game without telling anyone (not that this is his responsibility). And forget whatever crummy franchise you put down in Samantha's city. That's there for good. CityVille forum contributor Jammsbro started a thread simply titled, "I hate greedy players," which spawned from this very issue. And it could be easily avoided if Zynga allowed us more direct control over our Franchises.