70% Off Coupon

Soldiers enjoying a meal at a restaurant
Soldiers enjoying a meal at a restaurant

Use coupon code FORK to get a $25 restaurant gift card for $3. You pick which restaurant to use it at (there are 18,000 across the country to chose from). The cose expires Mar. 8, 2011.

Almost all of the $25 gift certificates start at $10, so this is a nice 70% discount. A few start at $15. If you've never used a gift card before, just a few things to know ahead of time.

You can only use one certificate per table, and alcohol, tax, and tip are excluded from the discount. Many restaurants require a minimum food order above and beyond the certificate, but not all. There may also be limitations on which days you can use the discount, like not on a busy Friday or Saturday night.

Read the redemption rules before you buy and you'll have no trouble redeeming your discount. In the past when I have used a gift card, I've saved 25-40% off my tab. Not too shabby!

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