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Now Hiring LinkedIn How would you like to get a job helping people get jobs? Northern California-based professional networking site has about 150 openings posted right now, and will likely be hiring even more once their planned initial public offerings go through, according to a report on

Almost 150 of the new openings have been posted in the last 30 days, and 90 of them are based in the United States. LinkedIn is rapidly growing in international markets.

And more hiring is expected to take place as soon as the company goes public, in the near future. LinkedIn has already filed IPO paperwork with federal securities regulators and is expected to sell shares to the public this year, sooner rather than later. The company hired about 500 employees in 2010, and currently boasts nearly 1,000 employees total, which means it doubled its work force last year.

A quick trip to the LinkedIn's site reveals that there are openings in Web design, research, marketing, engineering, human resources, advertising, support, sales, recruitment and more. Their are even positions for translators, working with languages such as Korean, Danish, Norwegian and Dutch, attributed to the company's international interests.

In addition to the states, LinkedIn currently operates in Dublin, Ireland; London, England; Toronto, Canada; Mumbai, India; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Sydney, Australia; so if you've ever wanted to live in any of those countries, you might apply to openings there.

The relatively young company was started in Reid Hoffman's living room in 2002, and now has a major headquarters in Mountainview, Calif. It took 494 days to acquire its first million members, and now, on average, a new member joins every second of every day, or approximately one million every 12 days. Seems like a good time to get in on the "ground floor."

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