Maple Story is coming to Facebook, free-to-play goes social once again

MapleStory Adventures
MapleStory, one of the most successful free-to-play MMOs out there from Nexon, will launch a Facebook edition this summer. The 2D, side-scrolling multiplayer game has had 102.4 million subscribers as of Sept. 2009, and Nexon clearly hopes to bring that runaway success to Facebook. The nearly 6-year-old game will be known as MapleStory Adventures on Facebook, and will reportedly have a simpler interface while allowing players to complete quests, level up and defeat monsters in the same style.

However, it's unknown whether the multiplayer component of the game will be asynchronous (think friend interaction in FrontierVille) or real time like the original. Regardless, the game will adopt the micro transaction it has always employed. So, think of this as merely a transition rather than an update--with a ton more potential players.
Expanding our global IPs into the social and mobile gaming space is a watershed moment in Nexon's global expansion efforts, said Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America. Not only will this move provide new ways for hundreds of millions of fans worldwide to experience Nexon's games, it allows Nexon the opportunity to prove the robustness of its business model on new platforms.
Nexon will also be releasing KartRider later this month as an iOS and Android game later this month. It will be called KartRider Rush and feature the same distribution model as MapleStory for Facebook. Players will be able to compare scores with one another over Facebook Connect, and will allow for real time, four-player racing. That's great, but we all know what the real news is: Adorable chibi warriors will finally be at your Facebooking fingertips this summer.

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