An Hour Without FarmVille: What would you do?

Sad Cow is sadFacebook has been shut down for one hour. All access to the website has been blocked off and no apps calling to it like Facebook Mobile or--gasp--games can receive any data. For all intents and purposes, Facebook is, nay, FarmVille is dead for 60 minutes. What do you do? Alright, so Facebook really isn't shut down. (But how many of you checked?)

Angie Bird, a 26-year-old Facebooker and environmentalist has attempted to contact Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, to ask the dreaded question Social Times reports. Earth Hour is coming up, a 60-minute period of celebration and observance of our planet. Everything goes off--Internet, TV, cell phones, videogames--in respect of the energy it consumes.

Will Zuckerberg pull the plug and lead the ceremony? Doubtful, but that ripple-effect-waiting-happen begs questioning. What would we do if Facebook games shut off for one hour? Would you go about your business? Is there work to be done around the house? How about your loved ones; is some quality time in order? These are the things that people might not think about when engrossed in their individual conquests for levels and mastery signs.

These are the things that we could all think about more. Now, don't get me wrong. Turning off for an hour and clicking some crops is a harmless hobby. (And a fun one at that.) Perhaps these are the questions in life that FarmVille addicts fail to ask after finding FarmVille. Many people question whether Facebook game addicts even exist, or if it's even possible to become addicted to a game. If this is the effect of social games on certain folks, an entrancing distraction from real life, then it's somewhat easier to understand an addict's side of the story.

That being said, asking ourselves what we would do without FarmVille, before feeling as if we need it, might be a good way to avoid getting hooked. Not to mention it could help grant some perspective surrounding this issue of "addiction" and claims of "evil" flying off the handle. (That, frankly, a lot of people need.) So, do yourself a favor some time, and go do something else for an hour. The next time you come back to the farm, you might appreciate it that much more.

What would you for an hour if FarmVille shut down? Have you tried to step away from Facebook games for awhile? How did it change your perpestive toward them? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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