FarmVille Pot of Gold: Everything you need to know


We've been saying it for a few weeks now, and the time has finally arrived - the Pot of Gold is now officially starting to roll out to players in FarmVille. If you were playing FarmVille at this time last year, this event will likely look pretty familiar to you, and it is slowly rolling out to players, so if you don't have a notice about receiving the Pot of Gold on your own land, please be patient.

Note: You can try to force the Pot of Gold to spawn on your land by trying to use a piece of Gold that you have in your inventory. Simply hit Use, wait for the store to pop up, click on "Preview" on the Pot of Gold item in the store, and then you may be able to purchase the Pot of Gold for 1 coin. This is currently locked for most users, but you are more than welcome to try.

For those that have received the pop-up like the one above, the Pot of Gold is then officially available on your account, and you'll be able to click on "Place Now" to automatically be placed into Placement Mode, where you can place your free Pot of Gold on your land. Once that's done, you'll be able to clear your inventory of all of the excess Gold pieces that you've claimed from your Leprechaun Cottage, and go about earning more Gold for six prizes that are available inside.

Meet us behind the break for all of the details about this exciting new collection event.