FarmVille Mardi Gras Sneak Peek: Mask Fountain, Avatar Mask, French Hotel, & More


It looks like this year's Mardi Gras theme in FarmVille will be something to behold, as we've come across a slew of new images of unreleased decorations and items that we believe will be launching in the game in the near future. For this Sneak Peek, we have five items in total, the first of which is the background for the Mardi Gras items as they will appear in the store, which almost guarantees they're existence in full in the game.

As for the items themselves, we have a Mask Fountain, a French Hotel (a building like those you'd see on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the home of Mardi Gras), a Mardi Gras Float, and what appears to be a Mardi Gras Mask for your FarmVille avatar. The names of these items haven't been set in stone, but the images are enough to hold us over for now - just look how bright and colorful they are!

You can check out the Mask Fountain in its full animated glory below, and we'll make sure to let you know when (if) these items officially launch in the game, so keep checking back with us.

Let us know what you think of these Mardi Gras items in the comments. Will you dress your avatar up for the party, or is the Mask Fountain more to your tastes? We'd love to know what you think.