FarmVille Mardi Gras Sneak Peek: Carnival Horse & Carnival Foal


Along with the new trees and new decorative items that we believe will be launching in a new Mardi Gras theme in FarmVille (in the near future), we've come across a pair of new horses that you'll want to take a look at. The horse, we believe, will be called the Carnival Horse. This horse is all decked out in green, yellow, and purple carnival attire, as though it were ready to walk in a parade. What's more, this horse is animated, blowing a noise-maker in its mouth.

You'll be able to put the Carnival Horse into the Horse Stable, where you'll have the chance of spawning the Carnival Foal, which you can see a screenshot of at right as well. This foal seems to have on the same party gear as its parent, but of course those decorations are exaggerated due to the Foal's smaller size.

No word yet on how the Carnival Horse will be made available - that is, if it will be released in the store for Farm Cash, or if perhaps it will be involved in an upcoming Mystery Game. Keep checking back with us for all of the details about this pair as they become available, and for now, check out the animations of the two horses in motion below.

What do you think of this downright adorable Carnival Foal? Will you purchase a Carnival Horse in the hopes of spawning these foals for your friends, or will you just wait and see if a friend posts a free foal for you instead? Let us know in the comments.

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