FarmVille Fairy Tale Trees: Sour Apple Tree & Giant Sour Apple Tree


Just yesterday, we brought you a sneak peek of two new trees that we predicted would be coming to the Fairy Tale theme in FarmVille in the near future. Well, it turns out our prediction was 100% correct, as tonight's FarmVille update brought with it the release of both the Sour Apple Tree and the Giant Sour Apple Tree to the market.

As you might expect, both of these trees are available only for Farm Cash, with the Sour Apple Tree (which is "normal" in height) costing 5 Farm Cash, and the Giant Sour Apple Tree (which is of course taller) costing 10 Farm Cash. Both of these trees are masterable, with the first star of mastery being available after 75 harvests of each tree. As has become the standard with new trees, the stats for these two are the same - you'll receive 15 experience points for purchasing them, and you'll be able to harvest them once every two days.

These limited edition trees will only be available in the game for the next two weeks. Remember, if you'd rather not spend 15 Farm Cash to have both of these trees on your farm instantly, you can simply purchase the Sour Apple Tree, place it into an orchard, and then wait to get lucky as a Giant Sour Apple tree spawns as a Mystery Seedling.

Let us know what you think of these two new trees in the comments. Do you want yet another kind of apple tree on your land?