FarmVille Fairy Tale Animals: Black Dragon & Granny Wolf


If you're a fan of limited edition animals in FarmVille, or just of all things make-believe, you'll be thrilled with tonight's FarmVille update, as it brought with it not one, but two new animals in the current Fairy Tale limited edition item theme.

The first animal is a general mythical creature, that's been present in countless tales - that animal is the Black Dragon. You can purchase a Black Dragon for your land for 24 Farm Cash. You'll gain 2400 experience points in the process, and you can harvest the dragon once every two days. The Dragon is of course animated, as all animals tend to be, but in this case, the Dragon breathes green and yellow fire - how can you resist?!

The other animal is equally desirable, but in this case, for its cuteness factor. The Granny Wolf is inspired by the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, and it can be yours for 16 Farm Cash. This is a much cheaper animal than the Black Dragon, but of course you don't receive the cool fire animation with it either. What you do receive is an animal that can be harvested from once every two days, and one that you'll receive 1600 experience points for purchasing.

Both of these animals will be available in the game for the next two weeks, but if you're like me, you won't want to wait long to have a fire breathing dragon on your land - it may be expensive, but c'mon - it's cool!

Let us know what you think of these two animals in the comments. Do you like the Black Dragon as much as I do, or would you prefer to purchase the Granny Wolf instead?