College Student's Guide to Making Money Online

A college student's guide to making money online
A college student's guide to making money online

Abraham Lincoln once said, "Whatever you are, be a good one." Perhaps this is the concept behind, a website where people can sling whatever wacky talent they may have for the low price of one of Lincoln's namesake bills - $5.

I bet you didn't know you wanted a beautiful confetti necklace, someone to potty-train your cat, or a video of someone's bird named Pickle flying around your advertisement. All of these things could be yours for $5.

But this column is supposed to be about making money, not spending it on useless things. So, get on and make your own offers! The opportunities are endless and if you get lucky, you'll make a quick buck. Or browse through the requests. See if you can do any of them, and decide if you are willing to do it for $5. Fiverr, however, is just one of many websites that taps into the infinite talents floating about cyberspace.