Box Cutters Pass Airport Security onto JFK Flight

Three box cutters fell out of a passenger's carry-on luggage as he was stowing it in an overhead compartment on a JetBlue plane headed for the Dominican Republic from New York's John F Kennedy Airport over the weekend.

The New York Post reports police evacuated the flight and questioned the passenger, Eusebio D. Peraltalajara, 45, of Jersey City. Peraltalajara is a factory worker who says he used the box cutters at work and forgot to take them out of his bag.

According to a police report, flight attendant Fausto Penaloda, 40, asked Peraltalajara to stow his luggage and saw the box cutters fall out of the bag. Penaloda grabbed the box cutters and told the captain and first officer about the incident, who alerted JetBlue security. Next the Port Authority Police Department was called in, followed by the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and finally the alarm was raised to the FBI.

The flight was grounded for three hours while all passengers were re-screened and a canine unit swept the plane.

"In case anyone has forgotten, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) was created because of a couple [of] box cutter incidents," a representative from the police department tells the New York Post, referring to the weapons used to hijack planes that later slammed into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Two TSA screeners and a supervisor who were on duty when Peraltalajara passed through security "will all be disciplined and undergo remedial training," says TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis.

Peraltalajara was not charged with any crime.

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