Zynga Poker deals in on Jimmy Kimmel Live, stumps his relatives

Zynga Poker appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to remind us that the Zynga Poker Con is just around the corner this March 18 and 19. Jimmy announced that players who win in the third round of Shoot Outs are eligible to win a set at the final table in the tournament. However, he realizes that not everyone is a poker pro, so Jimmy Kimmel thought he'd let his Aunt and Uncle teach the uninitiated how to play some Texas Hold 'Em. Let's just say it doesn't go over well. If you're this late to the poker scene, you might not want to learn at a tournament in Las Vegas with $100 thousand on the line. But if you do, we'd imagine there are still tickets available if Zynga is doing spots on late night TV. Considering the tournament is a little over two weeks away, we hope this isn't a bad sign.

[Via Zynga]

Have you signed up for the tournament in Vegas yet? What do you think this TV spot means ultimately for the convention? Speak up in the comments. Add Comment.

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