Zynga Game Cards expand (again) to India, five more Asian countries

Zynga Game Cards
The conquest continues. Social Times reports that Zynga Game Cards have been made available in India, Singapore, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Thailand and Indonesia through MOL Access Portal Berhad. Better known simply as MOL, the Asian payment service provider has partnered with Zynga to boost its already huge $200 million in annual payments.

Here's the breakdown of how Zynga Game Cards will be made available in these countries through MOL:
  • Popular retail chains such as 7-Eleven stores in Singapore and Malaysia, and Singapore's Comic Connections
  • MOL affiliated cybercafés such as India's Sify Cybercafes, Philippine's Netopia Internet Cafes and Thailand's Fun Loader Cybercafes
  • Electronic payment kiosks, online channels, banking and telco partners such as Malaysia's Maybank2u, Singapore's GXCredits and Indonesia's Gudang Vouche

The Zynga Game Cards will be available for $2, $5 and $10 at these locations, Social Times reports. Zynga recently made a similar move in Latin America through Mentez, a Brazil-based payment provider. With Indonesia harboring the second largest group of Facebook users, Zynga has its hands in nearly every major social gaming market.

However, the global powerhouse has yet to localize its games for most of these regions aside from releasing increased language support for certain games (and now letting more folks buy their stuff). Is a more extensive localization effort on the way for its flagship games like CityVille and FarmVille? We bet social gamers on that end of world hope so.

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