What's for Dinner Tonight? Ask the Interactive Kiosk at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping aid, the meal-planning solution from KraftMeet the future of grocery shopping. Its name is the Meal-Planning Solution and it is being built by Kraft and Intel. With a little information about you, it can spit out shopping lists and recipes that speak to your tastes.

The device is a freestanding kiosk unit with three large interactive screens. Presumably, it will be stationed at the beginning of your in-store shopping experience, to help you come up with new meal ideas.The kiosk gets to know you via several avenues. You can scan your store loyalty card, which taps into a history of your store purchases. You can tie in your browsing history on kraftrecipes.com and your shopping list, if it was created on the Kraft smart phone app, the iFood Assistant (available for all major platforms). You can also select from the device's menu of different meal and snack types, from Sunday dinner to a Super Bowl party.

A more intriguing and perhaps unsettling way that it gathers information, however, is via a camera included in the kiosk. Using an algorithm, the device can guess your age and gender to a remarkably successful degree just from your picture; according to a Kraft executive interviewed by Mashable, upwards of 70%-80% accuracy on age, 86% when guessing gender.

Once the device is loaded with your information it will present you with new meal options. If you select one, it will tweak your shopping list so that all of the necessary ingredients are included. It will also spit out samples of products that it deems appropriate for you.

Of course, as convenient as this might be for the customer, it's really being created for the benefit of the stores. The creators expect that these suggestions, received at the point of purchase, will translate into more sales and happier (and thereby more loyal) customers.

At present there are only two of the devices in stores, but look for them to reach your grocery soon. Look in the robot aisle.

Check out this video from Fast Company for a demonstration.
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